Rackspace Cloud Promotion Code for $25 Referral Discount

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Sign up and enter the code ID134 (click to activate) to qualify for the $25 discount before it is too late.

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Rackspace Cloud Sites Advantages

Rackspace Cloud 30 days no contract trial / unconditional money back guarantee

After using this promo code (Reveal Code), not only do you get the discount, but you will also have an exclusive risk free 30-day trial period with unconditional money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not happy with Rackspace Cloud, you can leave anytime you want, totally free of obligations, because:

  1. you came in NO contract in the first place. They only have one billing model, that is monthly subscription.
  2. they bill their clients at the end of each month instead of at the beginning, so technically they have NOT billed you at all if you leave them within 30 days after registration.

Rackspace Cloud Sites Advantages

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