Rackspace Promo Code, Rackspace Coupon

Chances are if you have searched Google for “rackspace promo code” or “rackspace coupon” to arrive here, you may probably have tried the code below:

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You can give it try now should you haven’t, just click the code.

However you might be disappointed because it’s said to have been invalidated since 2010. It used to give $25 discount off Rackspace Cloud. Not sure if it works now, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Another code I can find now is this one:

$25 Rebate / Refund off First Month

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It’s pretty new and some say it works, giving you $25 discount off the first month. You will be endowed with the cash-back discount at the end of the first billing month, so you still need to pay the full price to start.

Yet another one is this:

Monthly Discount (Amount Unknown)

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It’s said to give a certain lifetime monthly discount after the 3rd billing cycle. So you still need to pay full price to start.

In case none of the above works, you should definitely click this one to claim a very nice mysterious bonus after sign-up:

Extra Bonus Resources

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That’s about it. Make sure you come back and leave a comment of how they work out for you or share any other codes that worked for you.




  • Code Usage: Enter this code in the Promo or Referral Code box.
  • 24 / 7 live technical support via online chat or phone at RackspaceCloud.com.
  • Rackspace Cloud Sites is probably the only hosting plan that offers seamless blend of Windows & Linux hybrid hosting that no dedicated hosting nor vps hosting can come up parallel.
  • This Cloud Sites promo referral code comes with an exclusive 30-day risk free trial. Absolutely NO contract at all.
  • Rackspace Cloud hosts and receives accolades from big names including RedCross.org, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Shopzilla.com, Box.net, MetaCafe.com, TechCrunch.com, Symantec.com, CareerBuilder.com and Boston Celtics (NBA). There are a lot more.
  • Thinking of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki and phpBB for one-click installs? They are just the beginning. Rackspace Cloud is striving to enrich the clients’ hosting arsenal by introducing new applications to be instantly and seamlessly deployed within their cloud accounts. As easy as a button click.
  • A breeze to resell cloud hosting to your own clients via Rackspace Cloud. Totally white labeled support and billing.
  • Usage-based pricing that lets you pay as you grow – no need to pay for redundant capacity for growth or unforeseen spikes in advance any more simply because it would be a waste of money and does not warrant 100% of the situations anyway.
  • Open APIs and global integration of Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Cloud Files makes Rackspace Cloud an interoperable platform with galactic possibilities.